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Nigel Tufnel was born in Squatney, east [London] on February 5, 1948. He was given his first guitar, a Sunburst “Rhythm King”, by his father at age six. His life changed when he met David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean) who lived next door. They began jamming together in a toolshed in David’s garden, influenced by (fictional) early blues artists like Honkin’ Bubba Fulton, Little Sassy Francis and particularly Big Little Daddy Coleman, a deaf guitar player, and wrote their first song, “(Cry) All the Way Home.” Before long they had formed their first band, The Thamesmen.

Tufnel’s hobbies include collecting guitars; particularly noteworthy is his Sea Foam Green six-string Fender Bass VI with the price tag still attached, which he has kept in mint condition by not allowing it to be played, touched, pointed at, looked at, or talked about. He also has a Gibson Les Paul 1959 model, whose acoustic properties and carved flame-maple top he praises. He also plays mandolin and piano, and does backing vocals. He is currently writing a classical piece which he feels combines the musical characteristics of both Mozart and Bach (a “Mach piece”) in D minor, which he claims is the “saddest of all keys.” The piece is provisionally titled “Lick My Love Pump'”. According to Christopher Guest, Nigel has not yet completed the trilogy, and is still working on it.

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